GreenState AG FinTech Platform

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GreenState FinTech platform is a focused strategy for the future and the development of its new technologies. Globally, FinTech is experiencing a rapid expansion, much more needs to be done to enable the industry to become more dominant. It’s truly a visionary and comprehensive long-term strategy designed to address the different challenges of FinTech innovations by the different operating forces, including the government, banks, accelerators, venture capital, FinTech companies of different market value, and others. 

“We need to encourage new players in the FinTech space, and assist early-stage startups who are leading some of the innovation in FinTech and complementary technologies, such as RegTech and WealthTech,” Executive Chairman, Mark Beychok stated. “Now more than ever, it has become important to implement policies that target different areas that could help develop FinTech. These include increasing access to capital.”  

Global economies were hit hard by COVID-19 which is now an opportunity for global growth.