GreenState AG foundation in Winterthur, Switzerland

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GreenState AG, headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, a Green Technology Company, is dedicated to developing technologies and vertical farming solutions that provide a closer relationship to nature for the purpose of creating a global sustainable future. It the Company’s firm belief that it cannot progress to developing sustainable solutions until GreenState identifies the inherent challenges from all relevant perspectives. 

The Native Americans have a saying: “The land is chief, and we are its servant. The land has no need for us, but we need the land to work upon for our livelihood.”

The Company’s approach to every solution begins with taking a step back in order to make a giant leap forward.  It’s imperative to identify the basics and reflect on the sustainability issue. Here are the basics: Earth is our home planet; Earth consists of land, air, water and life; to grow food we need minerals, water, and sunlight. But even with the most brilliant solutions technology can develop for sustainability, it cannot conceivably impact the urgent need for global change unless ‘society’ is able to translate the environmental challenges into language that speaks to the hearts and minds of people young and old, decision makers, teachers, and parents. Only then the collective ‘we’ can undertake the social change required to correct the course of planetary development. The foundation of success begins with developing solutions that protect future generations’ rights to a healthy life enhancing environment. 

World renowned plant geneticist, Dr. Moshe Bar, GreenState’s Agriculture and Science Officer is leading the R&D team in Israel developing solutions to advance nutrition, healthfulness, and food quality.  While developing said solutions, the team unravels complicated supply chains challenges and financial pressures to reduce processing costs, without compromising natural resources or consumer safety. 

Led by the Company’s world-renowned science team, it will be launching its vertical farm and technology solutions in Wintherthur, Switzerland in the near future. According to GreenState’s Science Advisory Board, the typical architecture for a vertical farm is unworkable. The design of the building overlooks the potential of other surrounding resources to develop sustainable solutions for both energy and sunlight. Further, sunlight is best for plant growth. There are specific colors of light (wavelengths) that are optimal for plants. LED light technology now provides those specific colors of light. In addition, they consume a tremendous amount of energy to maintain. 

Vertical farming, by definition, isolates from an unpredictable environment due to climate changes. Key features include the ability to grow pesticide-free while using upwards of 90% less water than a conventional farm. It is now conceivable to shorten food’s voyage from farm to plate from hundreds or thousands of miles to mere steps. The GreenState Science Advisory Board evaluated the downside: most of the facilities are expensive to build, and they mostly replace free sunlight with expensive electricity — so much electricity, as a matter of fact, that it might wipe-out the carbon advantage.  

GreenState is not attempting to reinvent vertical farming, but to provide solutions and technology to perfect it. 

As noted, the Company will launch the first vertical farm in Wintherthur, providing groundbreaking solutions for the future of vertical farming. “Our Truly high-tech facilities will fine-tune variables such as airflow and humidity, as well as the intensity, wavelengths and duration of natural light, along with nutrients and amendments.” Billie Feldman, GreenState‘s Co-Founder.

“Sustainability is equity over time. As a value, it refers to giving equal weight in your decisions to the future as well as the present. You might think of it as extending the Golden Rule through time, so that you do unto future generations as you would have them do unto you.” Robert Gilman, Director, Context Institute.