GreenState AG Technology and Solutions for Sustainability

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GreenState R&D Team carefully analyzes technology and its ethical dilemmas, many of which are linked to sustainability.

Sustainability is, in part, tied to the notion that humans need to live within the carrying capacity of the planet. As observed, the ability of the human population to increase its per capita consumption is tied directly to technology, because without agricultural, energy, and medical technologies, it would not be possible for us to exceed the planet’s carrying capacity. We therefore consider technology to be one of the core pillars with respect to applying sustainability to the resolution of many of the world’s most difficult and persistent challenges. 

GreenState believes that linking nature’s processes to human needs and development makes it possible to shift from nonrenewable to renewable resources. This represents the basis for the economy’s ability to provide at least some partial remedies with respect to resources and environmental issues. The Company is developing means to reduce resource consumption, emissions, and waste. In other words, GreenState is advancing formulas, materials, and processes that are environmentally benign. 

The strategic choices the Company has to make rely on the proper balance of sustainability, ethics, and technology- all tightly connected, guiding the decisions regarding which technologies to develop and implement.