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August 2023

1. CO2 Reduction Supported by IIoT and Cloud Computing 2. A New "Rockstar" Chief Commercial Officer Joins Our Team 3. Packaging Arrival 4. Collectible-NFT Launch 5. Win VIP Tickets for the 4th Global Vertical Farming Show in Dubai 6. Last Call for the Final Round of Approved Share Capital Increase

1. CO2 Reduction Supported by IIoT and Cloud Computing

We have developed new hardware to measure our electricity consumption and track how much electricity comes from Ingrid technology and how much comes from renewable resources. This hardware allows us to have live measurements of electricity consumption and upload the data to the GreenState Cloud system, as well as transfer it to the Web and Mobile SCADA software. By doing so, we can compare daily/weekly/monthly/yearly data with other farms in the system and analyze how we can use less energy to support our ecosystem.

Moreover, we can now achieve maximum transparency with CO2 emissions and reduction. In less than a month, we will be able to show live data on our website showing how many kw/h we are using at any given moment and what the CO2 balance of our farming solution is. We are proud to be pioneers in CO2 reduction, democratization, and transparency

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2. A New "Rockstar" Chief Commercial Officer Joins Our Team

The last piece of our GreenState puzzle has been put in place. Mr. Ralph Ruckstuhl has joined our team as Chief Commercial Officer, focused on placing GreenState retail products in Switzerland and the European Union. Mr. Ruckstuhl is a senior in B2B sales in the herbs, fruit, vegetable, and flower industry and generated CHF 140M revenue in only one year. Before joining GreenState, he was CEO of a conglomerate of eight companies producing herbs and vegetables. We are extremely happy to have Mr. Ruckstuhl on our team, and we will soon send his personal statement and strategy regarding the GreenState AG.

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3. Packaging Arrival

Our white-label packaging has finally arrived. After a five-month supply chain delay, we have finally received our long-awaited packaging. 200,000 pieces of 25g Basil and Microgreens have been delivered to our address in Neuhausen. It is essential to mention that the packaging has been developed from recycled materials and is biodegradable. Additionally, both packaging pieces are eye- catching, so we are sure that customers will recognize us on supermarket shelves and choose to buy our product.

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4. Collectible-NFT Launch

Since the incorporation of GreenState AG, we have received a lot of interest in our technology and products. In the last six months, we have tested many different basil seeds and optimized our technology according to the agriculture under growth and the seed itself. Our Big Data, Industrial Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence software solutions have been constantly working to improve maximizing the output yield and reduce production and energy consumption costs. In order to continue our research and continue developing the most sustainable indoor farming solutions, we have to run further tests and produce more Basil.

Since food waste is an important topic for us, we have decided to create a special Collectible-NFT collection where all our stakeholders will have the chance to support our production and development of Artificial Intelligence by buying one or few GreenState Collectible-NFT products. GreenState Collectible- NFT coins are a unique digital art stored in your GSIRA (GreenState Investment Relations Portfolio) and GreenState BOX. GreenState BOX is a real-life product consisting of basil and microgreens packaging as well as further GreenState AG marketing material.

The whole story behind Collectible-NFT is to avoid wasting produced food, support digital recipe development, and generate operative cash-flow and brand recognition while supporting our development and testing phase. GreenState Collectible-NFT will be launched within 7 to 10 days, and we will send an additional newsletter with the necessary documentation to describe how to purchase it and what the products consist of.

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5. Win VIP Tickets for the 4th Global Vertical Farming Show in Dubai

The 4th Global Vertical Farming show is scheduled for September 14th and 15th in Dubai, UAE. GreenState AG is a lead sponsor with a 20m2 booth at the main entrance and many other benefits. Among the benefits, we also have four VIP tickets for the show, which we are willing to give to the company share and stakeholders. If you are interested in joining us as a VIP guest during the event, please write us at and tell us why YOU deserve to WIN the tickets. (notice: Tickets can also be given to couples, so if you would like to take your partner/wife/ husband/boyfriend/girlfriend with you, feel free to share it in an email).

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6. Last Call for the Final Round of Approved Share Capital Increase

There are less than 100,000 shares left for a subscription; now is the time to subscribe to GreenState AG shares in the final approved share capital increase round. After 05.09.2023, GreenState AG will start operating under the Kapitalband law, and the price per share will increase according to the company's new evaluation, addressing further technical development, internal growth, product placement, and worldwide expansion.