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July 2022

1. Production of strawberries and salads 2. Certification for kosher food 3. SCADA - our own developed mobile control application 4. Last call - GreenState share for CHF 7.50 5. Registration for the public opening on 30 Sept 22 in Neuhausen am Rheinfa 6. Impressions of our swiss-wide marketing campaign

1. Production of strawberries and salads

Our team is growing and with it the portfolio of various agrocultures. Recently, we decided to focus on the cultivation of strawberries and lettuce. The reason for choosing these two crops is the current market situation and the related possibility of creating digital recipes and instructions, which will subsequently also be used by industrial customers for the use of our technologies in the near future. Initial negotiations with renowned interested parties are already becoming more concrete. In addition, with strawberry and salad production, we have the opportunity to establish business relationships with the local market and supply regional markets with fresh products throughout the year, regardless of weather and market conditions. Thanks to circular economy with minimal water consumption and completely free of pesticides of course!

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2. Certification for kosher food

Mr. Daniel Sharratt, rabbi and food certifier, will visit the Neuhausen growing facility shortly to assess for kosher fruit and vegetable certification. A potential certification as a kosher grower of fruits and vegetables will open new interesting markets for GreenState, where Through the OU certificate for kosher food, GreenState AG will be able to position itself as a high quality, pesticide and insect free food supplier. In addition, the OU kosher food certificate will open the door to Jewish communities around the world.

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3. SCADA - our own developed mobile control application

Already since the day of foundation we have attracted a lot of attention and countless people are interested in participating in the company as investors. The liquidity created gave us the opportunity to develop our solutions very quickly and to order the best systems available on the market. In terms of hardware, we were able to procure the best systems. As a technology-driven company, we also decided to develop the accompanying software with a renowned partner. Our partner is currently in the process of making the Ska- da-based application controllable via web and mobile. In the next three months, we will introduce this system. It will allow to control a GreenState farm worldwide with a simple internet connection. In the next three months, GreenState will introduce a self-developed digital SCADA system capable of monitoring and controlling operations around the world with a single Internet use.

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4. Last call - GreenState share for CHF 7.50

In cooperation with the notary in Winterthur, we will close our third of four financing rounds on August 5th. So far about 1700 interested parties have ordered GreenState AG documents in the last two months and it looks like the financing round will be oversubscribed. Based on the total amount of subscriptions, the price for the fourth financing round will be determined. It is certain that the price per share will be CHF 10 at the end of the year and that GreenState AG will start the final preparations for the IPO in 2023. The beginning of 2023 will then probably be reserved for institutional investors, when the management will negotiate with European and US venture capital funds, while our complete hardware and software solution will already be producing food in real operation, collecting growth data.

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5. Registration for the public opening on 30 Sept 22 in Neuhausen am Rheinfa

Friday, September 30, 2022 is already the day:

On the SIG site in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, we open the world's smartest modular vertical indoor farm.

A wide variety of plants can thrive under optimal conditions in the linkable modules. We are pleased to show you this world premiere and to present you the infrastructure, our vision. In addition, you are cordially invited to the subsequent Apéro "Green" and personal exchange: For your participation, we ask you to register for organizational reasons no later than September 15. Register online

6. Impressions of our swiss-wide marketing campaign

Last week, attention-grabbing single poster motifs on various hypotheses were on display in 7 Swiss cities. In conjunction with on-site actions, such as video recordings with shareholders and partners, we are thus drawing media attention to our startup. Because we want to make our technologies available for socially and economically meaningful applications.

"Even if all these studies are only theoretical at the moment, we still have a highly efficient technology ready, with which even out-of-season or exotic plants can be cultivated regionally and pesticide-free, 365 days a year"

Kind regards,

Chief Marketing Officer

Sven Berther

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