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March 2022

1. New Chief Marketing Officer 2. Membership of Swiss Cleantech 3. Digitisation of shares and preparation for the IPO 4. SIG Areal 5. Increase in the price per share

1. New Chief Marketing Officer

We are very pleased that Mr. Sven Berther has joined us as Chief Marketing Officer. We are working on the development of the Swiss management team on a daily basis in order to have the right skills on board for the further expansion of the company. It is very interesting that Mr Berther first joined us as an investor and then showed interest in supporting GreenState AG. Once we had grown enough, Mr Berther offered to expand his involvement and take a leadership role for the next phases of development, where he is now responsible for Marketing & Sales.

Profile of Mr Berther:
40 years old, from Winterthur, climate protection enthusiast, business angel & developer, door opener, networker, vertical farmer - 20 years of management consultancy in the fields of food, climate protection, marketing and communication - After 10 years at the climate protection consultancy ClimatePartner, 8 of which as Managing Director Switzerland, he knows the common climate protection goals and sustainability strategies of companies and therefore knows exactly what creates a relevant and measurable impact. - In cooperation with more than 300 companies, he has already avoided and reduced more than one million tonnes of CO2.

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2. Membership of Swiss Cleantech

As a new member of the swisscleantech business association, we and over 500 other members are committed to a climate-friendly Switzerland. Together we move politics and society and ensure that Switzerland is CO2-neutral by 2050 at the latest.

More info at:

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3. Digitisation of shares and preparation for the IPO

Last week we signed an agreement with a cantonal bank for the digitisation and placement of shares. Furthermore, in the next two weeks we will sign an agreement with the SIX stock exchange in Zurich for the transfer and digitisation of shares. Once the share placement is completed, the entire underwriting part will be done by the Cantonal Bank and we will hand over the fundraising to the banking professionals. Once this IPO process is completed, we will be ready to take our business to the public level, probably to go public as planned in 12 to 18 months.

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4. SIG Areal

The SIG Areal in Neuhausen has listed us as a partner on its website. It seems that they are more than happy to have us as part of the development programme, where we recently entered into a 10-year lease.

More info at:

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5. Increase in the price per share

Recent events have brought our company to a level where we are growing exponentially fast and the value of the company is increasing every day. New employees are joining and we are generating a lot of know-how, business processes and trade secrets. Considering the fact that production will start very soon and the first cash flow from production will flow in about three months, we have reached another milestone and only until the end of March 2022 the price per share will be CHF 5.00. After the end of the subscription period, we will obtain an external valuation and set the price for further subscription. Please note that from the beginning of April 2022 all transactions will be processed through the Cantonal Bank.

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