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October 2023

1. GreenState UAE LLC 2. New Digital Products 3. Business Development for France and Scandinavia 4. Locally produced Strawberries for New Year’s Eve? 5. Successful launch of GreenState Collectible NFTs

1. GreenState UAE LLC

Some of you may already be aware from our last newsletter, social media, or our employees that GreenState AG had a presence at the 4th Global Vertical Farming event in Dubai last month. Five of our employees, including our Founder and CEO, attended the show and made a significant impact. We are proud to say that our booth design was outstanding and GreenState AG gained a strong presence at the event. Additionally, our CEO, Mr. Arsenije Grgur, was a keynote speaker and ensured that the Swiss Vertical Farming project's voice was heard by all in attendance. The show was a great success, as the CEO of the largest vertical farming project in the world (a company located in Dubai) requested a meeting with Mr. Grgur the very next morning. After three hours of discussion and company presentations, we have decided to provide R&D services for the Strawberry and Sustainability project.

In addition to acquiring new clients from the UAE, our management has made the decision to pursue our dreams in the UAE and open a company in Dubai. Our focus will be on building the first 100% sustainable modular and vertical farm next year. Food Tech Valley, a government institution, has assured us that GreenState UAE LLC will be provided with land and the necessary infrastructure at the world's largest Food Tech center.

Furthermore, many other potential clients from Oman, Qatar, Maldives, and Saudi Arabia have approached GreenState to develop projects in their regions.

A full report on the Dubai trip will be sent separately within the next two weeks.

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2. New Digital Products

Since day one, we have been proud to be a tech company. GreenState AG is home to over 50 engineers. Currently, we are employing engineers both internally and externally, depending on available team lead and executive positions. For the GreenState 2.0 hardware project, we have 23 dedicated external employees specializing in electrical, machine, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. On the software development side, we employ 35 internal and external software engineers.

In addition to the GreenState 2.0 development, our designers are currently working on structuring new digital product designs for GreenState's "Super, On Premise" Digital Products. These products include the Task Manager, Executive Dashboard, ERP, and CRM System. By developing new digital products, we aim to provide our customers with integrated solutions for farm management, task management, employee surveillance, and the digitalization of farm and crop status, as well as growing cycles. Our state-of-the-art DevOps MicroServices solutions enable us to design multiple solutions for a diverse client base.

For more information about our digital products, please visit the following links:
• GreenState Digital Solution
• Zero Emission - Modular & Vertical Fars
• Ecommerce & NFT Marketplace

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3. Business Development for France and Scandinavia

We are currently working on expanding our business to the Middle East and other "sunny" countries. In addition, we are also focusing on business development in markets such as France and Scandinavia. France is a promising market for Kosher products and herbs, thanks to its culinary traditions. Scandinavia, on the other hand, presents an opportunity due to the limited availability and high pricing of fresh lettuce production.

To support these markets, we have hired two native employees who will engage with important stakeholders and potential partners. Our team will also explore investor interest in GreenState hardware, software, and financial products.

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4. Locally produced Strawberries for New Year’s Eve?

Strawberries have become a hot topic in the vertical farming industry. Our client in Dubai has requested us to start research and development in the field of vertical/modular strawberry production. We have accepted the challenge and started testing the production at our farm in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. The project has been running for the last four weeks and the results so far are amazing. We are planning to have our first GreenState strawberries by New Year's Eve.
However, we won't be selfish with our harvest. Some of the strawberries will be sent to our investors, retailers, and supporters for testing and tasting. Producing strawberries is not easy, and we have faced several challenges as a company.
One of the challenges has been the use of pesticides, especially considering the kosher quality and complete removal of insects since we didn't start growing from seeds.

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5. Successful launch of GreenState Collectible NFTs

During our testing phase for production, product quality, packaging, and delivery, we have decided to involve investors and supporters in the process. As a result, we have created Collectible-NFTs that represent digital art and are accompanied by real-life products delivered via post in the GreenState Box. The first batch of Collectible-NFTs has been sold, and the corresponding GreenState Boxes have been sent via post to all investors and supporters who made a purchase. Our employees have had a great time interacting with the postal service employees, as we have received positive comments about the pleasant smell of basil that is included in the Box. To support our production efforts before we reach retail stores, please consider ordering or purchasing Collective-NFTs through our mobile app. This will help us optimize our production, improve our quality, and prepare for the first retail product delivery in late December and early January of next year.

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