We provide sustainable solutions



GreenState is equipped to provide farmers with sustainable solutions that are easily integrated as well as cost effective. Farmers no longer need to use toxic fertilizers, and pesticides uniformly across entire fields. Instead, they can use the minimum required and target very specific areas, or even treat individual plants differently. Benefits include:

Outdoor Growing Module – OGM – 500

OGM-500 is an indoor portable growing container developed as a full-cycle growing module. Module includes: cooling, heating, water, air-condition, UV lamps, water and mineral system distribution. Inside components are made of aluminum, and this is making big impact on the module weight. 

Outdoor Growing Module – OGM – 300 CBD

OGM-300-CBD is an indoor growing container developed as a full-cycle growing module, mostly used in CBD production. The portable module is equipped by specially developed UV lamps for CBD production. This module does not have an automated watering and mineralizing system. 

Indoor Vertical Farm – IVF

Indoor Vertical Farm – IVF is an indoor vertical farming system and facility provided by GreenState AG. Indoor vertical farming systems can be installed all across the globe and designed for the customers specific needs and requirements to limit the waste of resources.