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Business model

GreenState AG is developing agriculture products of tomorrow to address the most challenging problems facing the world’s food supply today. Greenstate AG management is focusing its business model on the following fields of expertise:

  • 1. Vertical farming
  • 2. Automation and Robotics
  • 3. Livestock Farming Technology
  • 4. Modern greenhouse practices
  • 5. Precision Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence
  • 6. Blockchain & FinTech



We have a wide variety of services so that our clients have good options.

Vertical Farming

One of GreenState AG first Research & Development activities has been in vertical farming.
Vertical Farming has shown success as a problem solving solution for the water issues relating to the Hoover Dam.
By using GreenState AG vertical farming solution, growers are able to spare 70% of their water supply.

Vertical Farm

Automation and Robotics

GreenState AG harnesses robotics automizing solutions to increase agricultural productivity and by boosting food safety as well as security.
In specially created modules the whole growth process has been automatized and robotize from water supply, humid adjusting, temperature measurement, minerals supply and UV level.
Human interaction is based on starting the process and controlling.

Tomato Picker Machine AI

Livestock Farming Technology

Precision Livestock Farming is smart technology that enables individual animals to be monitored more closely on farms that continue to upscale the size of their operations.
The growing world population implies that the demand for meat and eggs will increase by more than 65% over the next 40 years.

Livestock Farming on iPad

Modern greenhouse practices

The increase in population has also resulted in the use of more urban areas for habitation, less land available for cultivation and, hence, more food requirements.
Modern greenhouse practices are working together with vertical farming and both focusing on growing crops in indoor environments.

Greenhouse practices

Precision Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence

Precision Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence is focused on our patented technology based on Plant Bio-Frequencies which are increasing crop fields by 20% without any pesticide and chemical use.

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Greenstate Platform & AI Technology

Our crowd-platform is designed to link to various technologies and platforms to participate along with regulators, producers and consumers allowing us to get in the driver’s seat of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Crop Technology


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