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  1. Mass: 6.05 x 6 x 30 m
  2. Illuminant: 72/750 Watt
  3. Carbon filter: 6/1800 m3
  4. Two heating and cooling systems
  5. Intelligent - irrigation system
  6. Monitoring system
  7. Electricity 100% from the hydropower of the Rhine River


  1. Universally applicable and scalable
  2. Only a few weeks production and installation time
  3. No additional heating or cooling system necessary
  4. Expandable at any time up to 6'000 m2 and 3 floors
  5. Monitoring by only one person
  6. Maximum energy efficiency
  7. Smart Technology
  8. Optimal use of data on an IoT basis

How to enter vertical farming and on what scale

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