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Basil/Scada/Vertical Farming
Basil/Scada/Vertical Farming
Basil/Scada/Vertical Farming

Smart Modular and Vertical Farming 360°

Indoor Growing

Hardware Solutions

Software Solutions

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Who we are?

Swiss 360 Indoor/Modular/
Vertical Farming Solution

GreenState AG is a company focused on the development of modular and vertical farming as well as hardware and software solutions, with a focus on reducing the cost of vertical farms, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our modular and vertical farming solutions can be shipped and installed all around the globe. Furthermore, modular and vertical farming solutions are developed to operate in almost any environment.


GreenState Mix

1. Hardware (GreenState Modules)
2. Software (GreenState SCADA)
3. Mobile App (GreenState Mobile SCADA)
4. Big Data (GreenState AWS Cloud)
5. Artificial Intelligence (Digital Recipes)
6. Franchising (Member of GreenState Platform)
7. Financing (By using GSIRA)

Modular Farming Solutions

Vertical Farming Solutions

Software & SCADA Solutions

GreenState Growing Portfolio

growing outcome/process, digitalisation chart growing outcome/process, digitalisation chart growing outcome/process, digitalisation chart

Digitalize your farming solution through our SCADA system!

Would you like to digitalize and automatize your farm? If YES, contact us and we can help you manage and motor your farm through mobile and web application.

Scada System

our growing portfolio

Growing Portfolio


In the diet, sweet basil can provide vitamins, minerals, and a range of antioxidants. Its essential oil may also have medicinal benefits.

Growing Portfolio

Microgreens Power-Mix

Bursting with robust flavors and essential nutrients, this dynamic concoction injects vitality into every bite, ensuring you stay energized and satisfied.

Growing Portfolio

Microgreens Spicy-Mix

Spicy microgreens mix adds a kick to your diet. Packed with flavor and nutrients, these tiny greens bring a fiery boost to your meals.

Growing Portfolio


Wasabi-Rucola delivers a subtly spicy kick. Its distinct flavour and nutritional richness make it an excellent complement to various dishes.

Growing Portfolio


Using fresh mint and other herbs and spices in cooking can help a person add flavor while reducing their sodium and sugar intake.


greenstate business model

Indoor Growing

First pillar of our operational cash flow is indoor growing and sales of locally produced products. In Switzerland, we are currently producing basil, micro greens and other herbs. We will soon add strawberries and other agricultural products to our line of products. Products are offered in 25-gram retail packaging as well as larger sizes for restaurant and commercial customers.

greenstate business model

Products & Services sales

Second pillar of our operational cash flow is hardware and software products sales, such as modular farms or SCADA solution. Furthermore, we are offering discovery sessions, farm engineering, software development, and other services to companies which are willing to enter indoor farming space.

greenstate business model

Partnership & Franchising

Third pillar of our operational cash flow is partnership and franchising. Private individuals and businesses around the world are having the possibility to join GreenState platform by buying the franchise and benefit from already established „game-plan“ which could be implemented in their local communities.

Business Model Left Business Model Right background dots background dots
Business Model Left Business Model Right background dots background dots
Business Model Left Business Model Right background dots background dots


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Frequently asked questions

Where is GreenState AG Farm?

GreenState AG has company headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland and an operating farm in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. The farm itself is located on the Rhein waterfalls in SIG industrial complex. The farm size is more than 1’000m2 and is currently producing 1’500 packages of fresh basil and microgreens.

Can I buy GreenState Modules?

GreenState AG is having several products under the offering at this moment. The best and most recommended solution is GreenState 2.0 Modules, which are equipped with refrigerator room, packaging room, production growing space and technical room.

Can I buy GreenState Franchise?

GreenState AG is offering a platform for all private or corporate entities looking to enter the world of vertical farming through well established process. GreenState is offering hardware, software, know-how, and materials for successful vertical farming operation.

Green grass

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