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We provide leading solutions to agricultural.

Greenstate AG is Swiss-American Agro Tech Company focused on a major technological development in fields of: vertical farming, automation and robotics, livestock technology, modern greenhouse practices, precision agriculture and artificial intelligence, and blockchain & FinTech. Greenstate AG combines all our technological innovations in purpose of making the space agriculture possible in near future.

Furthermore, Greenstate AG is the first privately held company to start developing Agro Tech for space.

Greenstate AG has headquarters in Winterthur Switzerland and operating office in Los Angeles as well as research and development center in California, USA.


Our Team


Our Team

Daniel L. Farkas, PhD

Chief Scientist and Chairman of Science Board
  • A former Fulbright scholar, directed a National Science & Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon Univ. that won the Smithsonian Award for Science. He was Professor of Bioengineering at U. of Pittsburgh, and Vice-chairman for Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. 
  • He is investigating the living state with light, for uses in biology, bioengineering, medicine, and green technologies. This yielded 200+ articles, 32 books and $80MM in academic funding. He chaired 34 international conferences, and his work was recognized with prestigious awards. He founded 11 biomedical and Ag startups and consulted for Bill Gates as a Global Good Fellow. 

Billie Feldman

CEO and Founder
  • Over 20 years as an innovator in management and operations
  • Experienced operations executive with expertise in critical thinking, mitigating risks and forensics, marketing, operations, distribution, branding and consumer engagement
  • Award winning for innovative approach technologies 

Moshe Bar, PhD

Chief Agricultural Scientist, Member of Science Board
  • A seasoned scientist, agronomist and executive in the Agriculture business. Moshe Bar has over 23 years of experience in the seed industry. He is based in Israel, serving as the Global Leader for Technology and Innovation and Strategic Project Manager at Syngenta, one of the world’s leading companies in agriculture. 
  • Also, Moshe maintained the role as global Vegetable R&D lead for collaboration with universities and other companies.

Arsenije Grgur

Investment Management & Board of Directors
  • Arsenije Grgur is an investment management professional with 10 years of investment and banking experience with core expertise in the capital markets.
  • Arsenije is pioneering an innovation in the financial markets with the creation of a global investment village, which provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to easily access the financial markets and optimise the ROI’s

Benjamin Chung

CPA & PCAOB Consulting SEC Auditor
  • CPA & PCAOB Certified Public Accountant, California · AICPA (Active Member) · Institute of Internal Auditors (Active Member and National Topical Speaker)

Jack Smilovitz

Chairman of GreenState Advisory Board
  • Jack Smilovitz is an entrepreneur with 37 years experience in Healthcare Operations, Establishing Global Strategic Partnerships and Business Consulting.
  • Jack specializes in helping develop both local & global strategic opportunities for clients by providing in-depth market & customer insight — incorporating financial, operational and implementation perspectives across their entire organization.

Jee Song

Distribution and Brand Strategist Advisory Board
  • Jee Song is with 20 plus years experience in world consumer goods, specializing in product design and development, production and manufacturing, while integrating her branding expertise and marketing and retail strategies to maximize sales and distribution pipeline within the food and beverages as well as biotechnologies. 
  • Experience working with both middle market and majors such as Target and Costco to name a few.

Joshua Reider

Advisory Board MedStartreDirect
  • Josh Rieders is a Principal at Medstartr Direct. Josh is focused on finding and distributing best in class health and energy efficiency products. He has created partnerships in procurement to help companies save millions on their spending. 
  • Before joining the startup community as a VC and entrepreneur, Josh sold financial instruments to C-Suite wealth managers while representing First Eagle Investment Management and Prudential Investments. 


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