Investor Relations

We at GreenState are taking things to another level


Investor relations

GreenState AG including all companies in our holding is taking all our investors very seriously. From our side, we are trying very hard to keep a long-term relationship with all our investors.
GreenState AG is not focusing on corporate governance where investors will be focused only on a Return on Investment. People are joining GreenState AG because of the same mindset, lifestyle, and willingness to change this world to become a better place.


Our team

Our team of experienced employees will always inform you about our progress, current balance and communicate our vision and mission with you. The beauty about GreenState AG is that there is always someone available to talk to you or to meet you personally at your wish. Furthermore, our doors are always open for you to come and visit us, and to see what are we building behind closed doors.


Private equity

Building a Vertical Farm in Winterthur is very expensive, as well as doing research and development for several industries. GreenState is already in the U.S. and Israeli market, but our goal is to establish ourselves in the European market by centralizing our business in Switzerland. To support our business and to improve our liquidity we have started issuing pre-IPO private equity shares for the purpose of having positive financial cash flow. Furthermore, since its company foundation, GreenState AG has been driven by the mindset of sharing and sustainable financing in every meaning of these words. GreenState AG private equity placement is based on a future profit share among sustainably open-minded people.

Pre- IPO Shares are now available to Swiss investors and European investors. Exit strategy is already planned. Profit sharing. Voting rights. Possibility to join our team and becoming GreenState "family members".

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Private Bond

Next to our private equity offering GreenState AG will be offering a private bond offering in the future to only our Swiss accredited investors. GreenState AG bond is a fixed income debt financial instrument where interest is paid annually and face value is paid back at the maturity date. GreenState private bond is secure and underlined with GreenState assets. If you are interested to learn more about GreenState AG bond offering please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • - Fixed income
  • - Annual interest
  • - Face value paid on a maturity date
  • - Secure
  • - Possibility to join our team
  • - Becoming GreenState "family member"


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