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Vertical Farming Q&A

Have a burning question about vertical farming? Look no further than our Q&A section, where our community of experts and enthusiasts are ready to help.

Frequently asked questions

Where is GreenState AG Farm?

GreenState AG has company headquarters in Winterthur Switzerland and operating farm in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Farm itself is located on Rhein waterfalls itself in SIG industrial complex. Farm size is more than 1’000m2 and is currently producing 1’500 packages of fresh Basil and Microgreens.

Can I buy GreenState Modules?

GreenState AG is having several products under the offering at this moment. The best and most recommended solution is GreenState 2.0 Modules, which are equipped with refrigerator room, packaging room, production growing space and technical room.

Can I buy GreenState Franchise?

GreenState AG is offering a platform for all private or corporate entities looking to enter world of vertical farming through well established process. GreenState is offering hardware, software, know how, and materials for successful vertical farming operation.

Can I invest in GreenState AG?

If you are a person resident in Switzerland and qualify as a qualified investor by investing funds or knowledge, then yes. Any person residing in Switzerland who has a Swiss bank account and has experience in the investment world may subscribe to shares at the terms and conditions set forth in an officially approved capital increase.

Where my GreenState AG shares will be held?

The shares of GreenState AG are digitized and are issued by Berner Kantonalbank AG and distributed to a securities account at your bank. It could be that your bank values them at a price of 0 (zero), since the company is not yet listed on the stock exchange.

Is GreenState AG listed at any public stock exchange?

No, currently the company is privately owned and not listed on any stock exchange. Each shareholder has full shareholder rights including the right to dividends. GreenState AG intends to go public in the near future, but this is highly dependent on the market situation, the company's development and the number of investors.

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